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What is a “semi-custom” invitation suite?

semi-custom suite is a suite that is already designed and then customized to your specific needs and requests.

 For the most part, the general design and layout of each piece will remain the same, but wording and colors will be tailored to each individual client. There is no added design cost upfront, so all of your costs will depend on how you decide to have your pieces printed, plus any added embellishments, assembly, and shipping. The pricing shown is for the set "as is" with the print technique indicated and items listed in the Item Description. And, can you mix and match one layout with another style pocket, wrap, etc.? Yes! Absolutely!  


Contact us if you'd like to make modifications to any of our semi-custom invitation suites!

We will create a special listing for you with the exact products and services you'd like to order.


Luxury Custom Designed Wedding Invitations & Stationery

Rochester Hills, Michigan

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