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When should you order wedding invitations?

Most of our couples begin the wedding stationery design process with Paper Muse .Co about a year before their wedding. However, if you have just started to think about your vision for wedding invitations, we recommend that you contact us at least 6 - 8 months before the wedding and place your order no later than about  5 - 6 months before. The sooner you place your order, the sooner we'll schedule your order on our design calendar and the best likelihood we have of sourcing choice materials at the posted pricing, without needing to add expedited fees or rushing printing or production. In general, we do not accept rush orders. If you'd like to work with us, be sure to contact us and order earlier than later. Download our very helpful Timeline for Wedding Stationery.

Did you request that a personalized Semi-Custom listing
be prepared for you? Now what?

Most often, you can order your wedding invitations, on our website, by visiting our Semi-Custom Collection, navigating to the suite you like best, making a few selections, and adding it to your cart! Or, if you're in need of changes, a semi-custom listing can be prepared especially for you. Search for your own personalized listing in the gallery provided to you via email. Read the Item Description thoroughly, line by line, by line, to make sure it lists all of the parts you're interested in ordering. If you are happy (we hope you're ecstatic!) with the overall concept and pricing, you can go ahead and purchase the listing (or request to pay a 51% deposit, forfeiting any available promotions or discounts) for your order to be considered placed and on our schedule for design.

You've placed your order for your dream Semi-Custom Wedding Invitations
and you're as excited as can be!  Now what?

Once we receive your order, we'll schedule the date that we will begin design. This is when your wording template is due (see below). We set the start date according to our design queue and coordinate the creation of your proofs to be prepared approximately 4 - 5 months before your wedding. This gives sufficient time for proofing (edits/corrections), approval, production, *assembly if added, and shipping. We recommend that you mail your invitations to your guests approximately 10 weeks before the wedding date (a couple weeks sooner is ok, too!)


Please use our templates to compose your wording and gather any other information. For wedding invitation wording, guest address printing, wedding day stationery and more, download applicable templates to compose your wording/information under TEMPLATES.


Read over the instructions at the top of the template and email to us as editable attachments once completed. Make sure they are error-free before submitting to reduce or eliminate additional proofing rounds. Save with your last name and order number and email it to: as an attachment. 


Semi-Custom Wedding Invitation orders include 2 rounds of proofing. If you have exhausted the included rounds of proofing and need to make additional changes, we'll send an invoice for any charges. Each additional round of proofing is $25 per card, per additional round. Variable information such as guest address printing or seating chart design includes 2 rounds of proofing or up to 5 changes per round. Additional changes are $25 per 1-5 changes, per additional round. We generally begin design/proofing about 5 months before your wedding date, or sooner if our queue allows. In the meantime, we will order papers and supplies for your order and email if there are any concerns.

Orders will never go to print until a proof approval is received via email. Email approvals are legally binding, and any revisions requested after approvals have been given may be subject to reprinting/producing fees, including reordering of paper stocks and supplies and/or labor & assembly, if applicable.


Proofing is symbiotic and must be done in a timely manner to guarantee that products will be delivered on time. It is expected that approvals/changes/revisions to proofs be communicated within 5 business days of receiving proofs from Paper Muse .Co, or sooner. The sooner you review and approve your proofs, the sooner they'll move on to production.


Customers are 100% responsible for grammar, spelling, dates, times, etc. on all parts of the products ordered and are advised to thoroughly review all provided digital proofs in a timely manner. It is recommended that more than one person review proofs as well. Be sure to review all parts before providing changes or an approval. Kindly send any/all changes in a 1 email to reduce any chance for miscommunication. There are substantial fees if changes need to be made once an approval is received.

You agree to our Terms and Conditions and Design Contract by placing your order. Should you need to order additional products once your order has been received, you will need to re-order the minimum amount defined on the product page you purchased. Always order at least 5-10 extras. 


Luxury Custom Designed Wedding Invitations & Stationery

Rochester Hills, Michigan

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