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At Paper Muse .Co, couples purchasing fully custom designed invitations and stationery commonly invest a range of $1000 to $4,000 per order, depending on the intricacy of the design, print methods used, and materials chosen. We have a minimum design fee of $250 and $800 per wedding invitation order. View our Pricing Guide.

We are committed to providing thoughtfully curated, exquisitely detailed, and carefully hand-crafted, opulent and luxurious wedding invitation suites uniquely designed to dazzle you with delight!


Utilizing 20+ years of experience as an award-winning painter, sculptor, and designer we are dedicated to producing original, aesthetically pleasing and elegant invitation masterpieces completely customized just for you to meet your standards of color and style. Superior in quality and richness, from lush paper stocks to foil stamping, letterpress, laser cutting, custom designed envelope liners, personalized wax seals, to eloquent, expressive, typography, Paper Muse .Co products are artistry at its finest.


We not only provide you with unique custom designed wedding invitations and stationery but precious family heirlooms to treasure for a lifetime. It’s your wedding day and you deserve the very best!

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