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Hi! My name is Shylah Trost and I am the owner of and lead designer for Paper Muse .Co. 
I am a graduate of the College for Creative Studies with a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts, specializing in Painting and Sculpture, with an additional degree in Graphic Design and over 20 years of experience in Wedding Planning, Wedding Design, Wedding Invitations and Stationery, et cetera. I have been a been a dedicated Wedding Stationer for just under 15 years.

From early childhood I have won numerous Grand Prize Overall and First Place art awards including the prestigious IBEX Sculpture award. My work has been exhibited in the Children’s Museum, Detroit Historical Museum, Detroit Institute of Arts, Paint Creek Center for the Arts, numerous Michigan and New York galleries, and several other venues.


I have a grand love of LOVE & turned my passion for art, my talent, skills, education and experience into creating

custom-designed, unique, luxury wedding invitation suites created to captivate and delight both you and your guests. 


I am a mother to Joshua, 8, and Milana, 6. I also enjoy photography, painting, sculpture, interior design, cooking international cuisine, a good martini, music of all kinds, playing with my children, traveling any and everywhere, the ocean, basketball, and hip-hop & dance fitness.

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